Passport photograph

A digital passport photograph can be used in

– passports issued in Finland (including temporary passports and seaman’s passports)

– identity cards (not temporary identity cards)

– security steward licences

– guard licenses (including temporary guard licenses)

– security officers licenses

– firearms permits.

A digital passport photograph

Online applications for passports and other police-granted documents require a photograph meeting the official quality requirements. Studio Kuvaleipomo sends your digital photo directly to the police. Once the photo has been sent, you will receive a text message or email including a photograph retrieval code. With your code and personal information, the police can find your photograph on the server when processing your application.
The photo is valid for up to six months.

The application process is faster with digital photos even if visiting the station is mandatory. You don’t have to bring a physical photo to the police station when attending your appointment.

Visa Photograph

Please bring detailed instructions of the requirements for your destination country’s visa photo.


If your photograph is not accepted for some reason, we will redo it free of charge.

Profile pictures

While taking the passport (or other) photograph, we can also shoot a more relaxed profile picture, which can be used in student and professional cards, as an online profile picture, in a job application, etc.


Digital passport photograph: 20 € (for three or more people at the same time, 18€/person)

Printed photograph for official documents: 25 € (in six copies)

Visa photograph:

25 € (digital photo via email)

25 € (a printout of about four photographs)

30 € (digital and printed out)

Passport and identity card photos, driving licences, etc: payment by card or by cash.
Tax of 24 % is included in the pricing.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I need to book an appointment for my passport photo?

No, not necessarily. However, by calling in advance, you’ll make sure that I’m in the studio and that I have time to take your photograph.

  1. Is the studio accessible by wheelchair, walker, or by those who have difficulties with moving?

The studio is at street level. There’s only a gentle ramp, a few small steps, and a doorstep on the way. I’m happy to come and take photos in a location suitable for you, too.

  1. Do you take passport photographs of babies, too?

Yes, we do.

  1. Are the photos in colour?

The photographs are taken in colour, even if they are black and white in the final product.

  1. I need a photo for a U.S. Visa. The size requirement is 5 x 5 cm. Is this possible?

Yes, every size of photograph is possible.

  1. Do I need to wear my glasses in the photograph?

It’s better to leave the glasses off as they can shade or hide parts of the face. The photograph is more likely to be accepted by the authorities when the subject isn’t wearing glasses.

  1. Should I remove my piercings and other similar?

No, but your hair, scarf etc. shouldn’t hide any part of your face.

  1. Why do you ask for my name and phone number when taking my passport photo?

A photograph uploaded with a name and phone number makes the administration officer’s work easier. The information helps when locating your photo on the server.
Note that you are allowed to refuse to give out this information.

  1. I filled in my application online. Do I still need to go to the police station?

You don’t have to visit the station for every application. When filling in your application online, the website will notify you if you need to book and appointment.

You can probably submit your application without a visit to the station if all the following applies:
– you have been granted a Finnish passport during the past six years
– you gave your fingerprints and digital signature for your last passport at a police station
– your name hasn’t changed since.

There must also be a photograph no older than six months on the police’s server for your online application to go through. If, for example, your application is lacking information or your photo doesn’t meet the required criteria, you will receive a request to add the missing information online. If it’s required, an officer might ask you to visit a police station to finalize your application. More detailed information can be found here:

  1. Is it worth it to apply online, if I must visit a police station anyway?

If you submit your application online, your appointment at the station will take less time and the application will cost less.

  1. How quickly is an online application processed?

It usually takes about 5-8 weekdays for the passport to arrive.

Usually, it will take about 10 weekdays for your passport of identity card to arrive.

Poliisin sivuilla luki tässä 10 päivää molemmille.

  1. How can a guardian give consent for a minor’s application online?

You can find more information on the website of the Finnish police here: and here:

  1. How can I add a photograph to an online application?

The photograph is added electronically. First visit a studio, which delivers your passport photo to the police using the licence administration’s photo server. After this, you will receive a retrieval code via text message or email. Add this to your application. You can’t upload your photo as a file. If you wish to use a printed-out photo, you can’t submit your application online. Instead, make an appointment at the police station, where an officer can scan your physical photo.

You can find a list of studios which upload the passport picture to the server by following this link: (only available in Finnish and Swedish)

  1. Can I upload my photograph to the licence administration’s photo server myself?

A private individual can sign up and upload their own photo on the licence administration’s photo server, though it’s meant for professionals. The quality criteria for passport photos are very strict, and the photo is reviewed at the same time as the rest of the application.
This means there’s no pre-review process for photos sent in by private individuals, and you may need to re-do the whole application if the photo doesn’t fit the criteria. To avoid this, it’s recommended to make sure your photo meets the requirements. The server is only available in Finnish and Swedish.